City of Melville Neighbourhood Watch reflection & planning session June 2015

“Liz was dynamic, and innovative in her approach to our workshop.  She had a lot of good ideas and was great at translating our “brief” into an engaging workshop.  The feedback from the workshop participants was very positive and many commented on how much they enjoyed Liz’s facilitation style.  Her final report captured the discussions well and has given us some good direction to build on for our group”. Tanya Van Sittert. Coordinator Community Safety & Crime. City of Melville.

On an evening in June 2015 I had the delightful task of facilitating the City of Melville Neighbourhood Watch 2 hour reflection and planning session. The turn out was excellent and included:

  • the Neighbourhood Watch Melville coordinator and members of Neighbourhood Watch from many of the neighbourhoods in Melville
  • the Officers in Charge from Palmyra and Murdoch police stations
  • the WA Coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch

Tanya Van Sittert [ Coordinator Community Safety and Crime. City of Melville] had commissioned me to design and facilitate the session as well as design a report.

Anyone who has facilitated anything knows that for every hour you facilitate there’s a minimum of 4 hours preparation time.

I met with Tanya twice and she is a delight to work with – highly committed to her work with a keen strategic sense of the issues.

Tanya has created one of the better Crime Safety Crime Prevention plans that I’ve seen from a council in WA. It has a clear vision, strategic actions and some great partnership ideas that leverage existing assets and strengths of existing state and ngo organisations. You can read the plan by clicking on the pic below.

click to download CSCP plan











Given that we had 2 hours – which is really 90 minutes after people have had a cuppa and a chat – we covered a lot of ground.

Neighbourhood Watch has experienced a number of transformative challenges in recent years so this session provided an opportunity to:

celebrate the successes of past efforts

explore the changing demographics of neighbourhoods

see how Neighbourhood Watch was part of a bigger network of organisations focusing on welcoming and safe neighbourhoods

explore the range of resources [people, programmes, facilities and funding] that a Neighbourhood Watch groups could access

idea storm ways that Melville City Neighbourhood Watch groups could Inform + Lead + Support + Inspire

discuss the range of options for internal and external communication efforts

The session went really well and people’s written evaluations gave me and the session high ratings with comments like this:

‘’ very stimulating and thought provoking session ‘’

‘’ great interactive session ‘’

‘’ good fun ‘’

‘’ great session – thank you ‘’

‘’ must thank Liz and Tanya for a job well done ‘’

‘’ Liz was dynamic and my attention remained focussed the entire time. She provided me with a lot to think about ‘’

You can read all the details in my report below – just click on the pic.

Click to download report
Click to download report

In the coming year I plan to write many posts that will provide both strategic and practical information on a range of topics and issues. If you’d like to receive the posts then pop your email into Follow Blog via email at the bottom of the site.

If you’d like to talk to me about working with you then leave a comment or send me a note in the contact section.

I send you good wishes and hope that whatever you’re doing it engages you.

Take care.

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