Many of the reports and publications I have created for clients have to remain private.

In 30+ years I’ve written hundreds of documents.

It’s lucky I love writing.

One well written and designed publication can do many things including:

  • Communicate achievements & plans
  • Celebrate history, stories and culture
  • Provide a plan and way ahead
  • Highlight  principles and focus
  • Show how purpose, strategy and tactics are linked
  • Be a policy statement
  • Attract and inform funders and sponsors
  • Change the way people view you
  • Present new ways of thinking and working
  • Make a difference
  • State a case for a cause

I went through my files of reports I wrote over the last 30+ years and have attached pdf’s of a selection that I can make public

Between 2018 and 2022 I’ve been doing a lot of work on Reimagining Home in terms of research, engagement processes with industry stakeholders [including older single women] and developing readable frameworks and publications. I’ve uploaded them all for you here.

reimagining home comms material– New Reimagining Home process design framework and industry stakeholder potential document designed in 2022.

RH_DesignProcess2_011122 – This is a visual of the top level Reimagining Home process design framework of – beautiful| affordable| sustainable| connected| powerful. Many thanks to my brother Marc who always turns my scribbles into beautiful design. 2022

stakeholder visual comms – this 2 page document shows the different key stakeholders in the housing industry, including older single women, and what they can and could bring to the table when partnering to develop diverse options for home with older single women so they can age well in their communities of choice. 2022

I’ll be inserting an updated industry stakeholder document soon. It’s been updated as a result of the input from industry stakeholders who participated in a pilot engagement process in the early part of 2022. I’ll also be inserting a report of the RH pilot Engagement process soon.

Reimagining-Home-Look-Book-Final – if you want to show people what’s possible then gather lots of examples and pictures. There are more than 40 examples of different kinds of housing developments that are either led or focussed on older single women on low incomes and other low income groups. Eventually I’ll get them all separately online and keep adding new examples. 2019

Reimagining-Home-Summary-Booklet – this is the summary document of the big report. I hand drew the key elements – and will never to it again! It takes soooo much time but it’ll give you a useful summary of key points as well as my Reimagining Home Framework. 2019

Reimagining-Home-Report – the result of a few years of research and thinking. I explore the range of individual and structural issues that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of older women across Australia be at risk of homelessness. I also detail my Reimagining Home framework that can be used to inform any kind of collaborative and deliberative housing developments. And nearly all the publications in the bibliography have links to the original source so you don’t have to go searching. You’re welcome. 2019

Speech at Ageing on the Edge WA research report at WA Parliament House – Liz Lennon September 2019

Older Single Women living in poverty and experiencing housing stress or homeless – research paper for Lisa Baker MLA Maylands for her use to prepare a speech she gave in Parliament in 2017.

Ageing Well for Older Western Australians living on low incomes – research paper for Lisa Baker MLA Maylands for her use to prepare a speech she gave in Parliament in May 2019

ABC online interview with Liz Lennon regarding house sitting as a solution to older single women’s homelessness. September 2019

Social Media for Solopeneurs – this is a presentation I gave to the Dublin Business Women’s Network. It provides a framework showing how I developed my social media strategy as a solopreneur for my Life Dreaming business. As of 2015 I’ve put Life Dreaming on hold as a business but the information is still relevant for anyone wanting to explore their social media strategy and broader business strategy.

SKIL 2 – an online learning space concept I created and worked with Depaul Ireland to make a reality. This is an early draft of the ideas in a Slideshare presentation. I wanted to create an online learning/knowledge space for small to medium non profits that wasn’t madly expensive. At the time the technology was mainly used by Universities and was expensive. Since then a range of people [including Google] have created the tech so that small organisations can create real time and on time learning spaces.

Sundial House  – The Story of a Life Skills programme. Sundial House is one of the many services provided by Depaul Ireland to homeless people. It provides 24/7 supported accommodation to homeless men and women. I was commissioned to write the story of the programme and include information from evaluations I created. It’s an amazing success story.

Visual Artists Ireland – Evaluation of Professional Development Programme in Northern Ireland – the VAI runs an excellent professional development programme for visual artists in Northern Ireland. I did an indepth evaluation of the programme and recommended a model of learning and delivery.

Liz Lennon’s speech at launch of document for St Stephens Green Trust Ireland mapping the learning from a 3 year funded programme to projects in the UK and Ireland providing services to Survivors of Religious Institutional abuse

Survivors of Religious Institutional Abuse Grant Programme – 2012-2014. Results, Reflections and Learning from a 3 year process by Liz Lennon. – this report is a synthesis of the evaluation process I created and facilitated as well as projects activities and outcomes as a result of SSGT funding.

Review of Supported Accommodation services to women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Ireland – this evaluation has an indepth international literature review on national homeless strategies as well as a mapping of international organisational standards systems. It also contains evaluation information on supported accommodation services around Ireland.

Under One Roof – report to Homeless Initiative Dublin – this was one of the first pieces of research commissioned by the Homeless Initiative.

Learning & Performance Strategy document for the Homeless Sector in Dublin – this document mapped the L&P strategy for the homeless sector in Dublin. As a result of the planning process the Homeless Agency commissioned me to be Chair of a working group for a year to realise key recommendations.

An Assessment of Service Needs Middle Abbey St 2003 – the key recommendation of this initial evaluation of the emergency accommodation for homeless women in Dublin was to resource an NGO to bring in 2 workers who could work with the women on 1 to 1 move on and support plans. I identified a core of 12 women who were regularly homeless and needed deep level support. This happened.

Evaluation report Middle Abbey St nov 2005 – this was the second evaluation of this emergency accommodation for homeless women in Dublin. The key recommendation was to close the accommodation and develop a 24/6 low threshold/harm reduction accommodation and support service for high needs homeless women in Dublin. This service was developed as a result.

Liz June 2006 HEART Project  – I evaluated a year long training and action research project in Galway that worked with ex service users of homeless services. They were trained to conduct research into the needs of current homeless people in Galway.

Boundaries – an information sheet I designed for a project team working with women recently released from prison in Dublin

Communicating Clearly – part of my effective written communication training

Developing Leitrims Tourism Potential – final report – this was developed as an overarching plan that was driven by some key principles

Draft keyworking & case management report Dublin nov 2003 – this was one of the first papers in Dublin to try and develop a view of the critical elements of keyworking and case management practice for people working with the homeless in Dublin.

My clients have told me that my reports have made a real difference for them and the people they serve.

That’s what helps me love what I do.