30 years working with diverse communities across sectors in Australia, Ireland, the UK and the USA.

It’s like winning the Lotto.

There is no way I can chronicle 30 years on a year by year basis – my memory and your attention just aren’t up for it!

I created a visual resume a few years ago and it gives a taste of the range of work I have done.

There’s a question I ask every client and it helps us as we reflect, plan and strategise the work. I ask them:

Who do you serve?

It helps remind us why organisations exist.

Read about who I have served in this visual resume I created

You can also download my Services pdf that has more details about my work



Liz Lennon
G.Dip. Rec., B.A.Sc.Psychology

I’m a Discombobulator.

I work with people to create powerful, just & celebratory places to work and live.

We work together to shake and stir things up.

Nothing beautiful or powerful ever came out of a comfort zone.

You have many strengths and assets that can be used to help you build and grow.

It’s important to focus on what you have before deciding what needs to be developed or improved.

You get to focus on the mega, meta, macro and micro details then choose what happens next.

Focused Solutions and Life Dreaming are 2 of the ways I make a difference in the world.

I’m also the Empress of Lolling and you’re welcome to join my empire – there are velvet chaise lounges, cakes, fruit, fab drinks, books, pets and delightful conversations.