what’s it all about and what’s next? 20 ways I’ll be sharing ideas and information with you

It’s 2015 and I’ve just moved back to Western Australia after living in Ireland for the last 22 years with clients in the UK, USA and EU.

I’m creating my business from scratch, house/pet sitting, supporting a friend with leukemia [as she supports me] and generally feeling a little [a lot!] up in the air.

It’s been challenging and engaging.

I’ve given myself time and space to muse on what direction I want to go and so far there are no definitive answers.

What has risen from this musing is a clarity about what skills I love using:

  • research delights me because I revel in complex data and I love learning
  • writing is a passion because communicating complexity in a way that helps people is my mission
  • criss crossing borders makes me happy because it can create new ways of doing things
  • connecting with people is one of my talents and delights because I get to learn and share ideas

I’ve been designing this site myself and today I realised that it could be more than a static promotion space – it could also become a space where I could research, write, criss cross borders and connect with people on a range of topics and in at least 20 different ways

I use my own 4M planning process to help me reimagine how this site could become something that would engage me and delight people.

I want to provide information that gives people – Value + Practical Ideas + Great Experiences + Confidence + Hope + Anticipation.

I’ll be sharing my own learning and experience over the last 30 years of my work in Australia, UK, Ireland and America as well as going out and researching topics and issues that I believe are important in the work I do and the world I live in.

How will I present all this content to you? At least 20 different ways.

  1. How to posts
  2. Videos
  3. Interviews with engaging and interesting people
  4. Q & A
  5. Ask the Experts on a topic or theme
  6. Content curation
  7. Infographics
  8. Slideshows
  9. Crowdsourced posts
  10. Best practice information
  11. Nitty gritty deep level information
  12. Definition posts
  13. Resource compilations
  14. Project stories and case studies
  15. Statistics
  16. Event roundups
  17. Checklists
  18. Beginners guides
  19. Investigative posts where I go out and learn
  20. Free giveaways that I design

I’ve always wanted to have a space where I could share the stories and learning from my work.

I also want to share the experiences, ideas and facts from other peoples work.

I hope you’ll come along on this new phase of my working life.

If you want to get the content when I create it then subscribe and we can connect.

If you have any questions or ideas then do leave a comment below.

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