Organised high level Singapore delegation to Ireland

In 2014 I was contracted to organise all the key elements of a high level 3 day Singapore delegation of a dozen people to 3 locations in Ireland.

I was responsible for all elements of their visit including:

  • Booking hotels in 2 locations and getting best rates and rooms
  • Organising all meals including menu and table service at all venues
  • Organising private bus for duration of visit until arriving in Dublin
  • Organising all taxis in Dublin to high level meetings
  • Organising visits to a number of specific industry sites in 3 locations in Ireland
  • Creating information packs for each location including industry information
  • Organising private dinner and guest industry speaker in Dublin
  • Organising high level meeting with key Irish Industry Government department

I was with the group for their journey to ensure that all elements went smoothly and everyone had a productive and enjoyable experience. I adapted schedules as circumstances changed and made sure that every detail of their journey was a professional delight.

They loved the hand made Irish chocolates that I gifted them as they started an afternoon bus trip to the next location.

The delegation was a delight to work with and they told me that this was one of the best organised visits in all their global visits.

I was then contracted to write a 70 page global report for the client after the visit.

My client is an international organisation and they told me they were delighted with the service I provided.